Books are boring?

Good morning, everyone!

I’m a little late with this one today, I had to go out and get milk for my coffee. Can’t write without coffee!!! I’m not feeling well today so I’m going to spend the day reading. I love that state of being unwell where you can enjoy reading for hours and not feel guilty about it. Bliss!

It’s World Book Festival here this week. There are workshops, speaking events, and kiddie events going on. It sounds like loads of fun but looking through the brochure I didn’t find too much to interest me.

There seems to be a focus on literary fiction (which I’ve noticed tends to be the focus a lot in Ireland). I enjoy the odd literary fiction book but it’s not what I read the most. There is a talk on Folklore and Exploration that looks interesting. (For more info on the Book Festival go here.)

I don’t understand the focus on literary fiction here. Ireland is known for magic and myths, why does so much of our popular literature seem so depressing and serious?

Several people have told me they don’t read books because they’re boring! Books are so far from boring! Is it because all the books they hear about look serious and moody or is it because the last book they read was required reading for school (which may take a lot of the fun out)? Maybe they think there’s no point because anything good will be made into a movie?

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It was mentioned to me recently as well that audiobooks don’t count as reading because reading is meant to be work. This really surprised me. Reading has never felt like work to me (except maybe in school). Reading is so much fun! When I think back on books I’ve read and listened to, I can’t differentiate between the two because it all ends up the same inside my head. My memories of the stories are visual, not textual (Please tell me I’m not the only nutter like this).

So what do you think? Have you noticed this trend towards promoting mainly literary fiction? Do you know people who think reading is boring? How do you find out about books you enjoy?

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9 thoughts on “Books are boring?

  1. Yes I’ve definitely noticed it and agree with you it’s a shame because, to me, these books can tend to be less interesting to the general reader. I often find that even though these are the books promoted the most, they are the ones people tend to enjoy less. Personally, I’m like you- I’ll pick up the odd literary fiction, but it is far from my first choice. Anyway, great post!!

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  2. I’ve worked at both the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the Oxford Literary Festival and you’re totally right. I think the reason here is that the festival goers tend to be an — ahem — elderly group. I feel they skew too much to the older demographic and don’t take into consideration the 20-somethings who have disposable income to spend on books and festival tickets. Word of mouth is so valuable in this day and age and the youth tend to be the ones to spread the word through social media. Festivals should capitalise on this with more genre fiction! (I work in book marketing, can you tell?)

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    1. There needs to be more variety. I want the oldies to enjoy the festival too and all the indie authors looking for advice on publishing but I really want to get the point out there that books are very everyone! Children’s books and “elderly” books get too much focus.

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      1. There needs to be some middle ground because it can’t just be all children’s books at literary fiction. I like both of those things, but I get frustrated when I, someone who would love to pay to go to author events, just don’t see anything that really appeals. It’s such a shame. I think you hit the nail on the head with this post.

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      2. Thanks! I would love to pay and go see authors and genres that interest me as well. There must be authors out there in our areas that are writing what we want but aren’t getting the exposure.

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