My Top 5 Shows on Amazon Prime Video

Hello people! For today’s blogmas post I decided to chat about my 5 favourite shows on Amazon Prime Video. I’ve been watching a lot of Prime Video lately because they have every season of Buffy (which is not on Netflix in Ireland) and they have some great original content as well.

When you sign up to Prime Video you get a 30-day free trial and it is £7.99 a month after that. Sign up here.

The Man in the High Castle

We started watching this show a few years ago and got bored after about episode 3 and dropped it. We started watching it again last year and fell in love with the show. We picked it up again where we stopped in case we lost interest again so I can’t say if we were just moody the first time around but I wish we had kept going, it is fantastic.

American Gods

This show is kind of crazy but it’s so good and it is stunning. Fantastic effects and a very strange and interesting story.



LOVE ❤❤❤ I would love this show for the theme song alone but the whole lot is amazing. It does focus more on romance but there is a lot of history and drama in it too.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It’s a classic! I am really enjoying reliving my youth watching this show. Each season brings back memories of where my life was at the time it was on TV.


The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

I went into this show completely blind. I saw the 1950’s style clothes and wanted to check it out. It’s hilarious, I love it! A woman trying to make it as a comedian in the 50’s isn’t something you think about very often but it makes for very entertaining TV.

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14 thoughts on “My Top 5 Shows on Amazon Prime Video

  1. I love Mrs. Maisel! I’m saving some episodes just in case I start working and I need to unwind afterwards. 😂


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