Stationery Gifts for Readers

Christmas shopping can be tricky. It’s hard to know what people really want. If who you’re buying for is a reader you might think a book but what book! There’s a good chance they’ve already read it. If they like to annotate then stationery is always required. I feel like I’m always buying index tabs so a gift of a bunch of those would make me very happy. A gift hamper made up of all these items would make a wonderful present as well.

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Image result for KKmoon 2.5X 107MM 5X 24MM LED Illuminating Magnifier Metal Hose Magnifying Glass Desk Table Reading Lamp Light with Clamp

Magnifying Glass

It might seem like a strange item to buy for someone but a lot of people have trouble reading the print in books.

This magnifying glass comes with a built-in light and a clamp to attach to a desk or even the cover of a book and the metal hose body is adjustable.

Get it here.

 Image result for Post-It 624185 Index Flags - Small, Multi-Coloured, Pack of 100Index Tabs

These are a must (and a godsend) for anyone who likes to annotate their books. I personally love to annotate my books while reading. It’s a more active way of reading and I use these guys to mark the pages with interesting sentences or themes I want to keep track of or investigate further.

Get them here.

Image result for STAEDTLER 43235MBP10 Medium Rainbow Ballpoint Pens, Assorted Colours, Pack of 10Pens

And if you’re taking notes on what you’re reading or tracking your reading you need pens. This set has a range of colours perfect for making notes on different topics/themes and your TBR and read lists.

Get them here.


Image result for STAEDTLER 364 A WP8 Textsurfer Highlighter Bonus Pack, Assorted Colours, Pack of 6 + 2 Highlighters

To go a step further your annotating you can use highlighters to highlight sentences or passages in your books. The different colours can be used for different themes in the book such as yellow for gender themes, red for conflict, purple for character development or however you like to do it.

Get them here.


Image result for Paperblanks Grolier Ornamentali Grolier Ultra Notebook with Lined Pages Notebook

And of course, when you’re marking all these points in your books you need to make notes on them or you might like to track your reading in a journal instead of online. These journals from Paperblanks are so beautiful and extremely sturdy. Once your journal is full you can add it to your shelves and it will add to the aesthetic.

Get it here.

Image result for Bookmarks - Handmade Carving Natural Wood Bookmark (1 Set of 4 Pcs) Bookmarks

Are you even really a reader if you don’t own a stack of bookmarks? I’m sure a lot of us have a pile of those Book Depository ones but it’s nice to have a collection of fancy ones too. This collection of handmade carved natural wood bookmarks is just so beautiful. They would really make a stunning gift for any book lover.

Get them here.

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