September Reading Plans

I’m feeling very autumnal at the moment so I have my eye on some cosy Halloween themed books for September. I want to keep my TBR short this month though because I kind of want to mood read for the month.


ShakeTube is a month-long readathon in September focusing on William Shakespeare’s work. The hosts are Old Blue’s Chapter and Verse, Lukas from Totally Pretentious, and Steve Donoghue. There are a few readalongs and stuff like that from the hosts but I think I will just listen to some recordings of the plays on Scribd. I might watch a few movie adaptations as well. My first choice is to listen to the L.A. Theatre Works recording of As You Like It and I’m not sure after that.

As You Like It by William Shakespeare

This wisely funny comedy, which contains some of Shakespeare’s loveliest poetry, contrasts a country’s world of envy and rivalry with a forest’s world of compassion and harmony. In the Forest of Arden, the banished young heroine, Rosalind, disguised as a gentleman farmer, encounters an extraordinary assemblage of characters, including a fool, a malcontent traveler, her own banished father, and the banished young man she loves. Romantic happiness triumphs, even as we laugh at the excesses of love, at the ways of court and countryside, indeed, at everything, in this masterpiece of comic writing.

Reading Plan
TBR envelope picks September Elaine Howlin Book Blog

My TBR envelope picks for September are ARC and Female Author so I have chosen I Confess by Alex Barclay which was sent to me by Harper Collins and Francey by Deirdre Purcell which I got in my August Haul and has been munched on my bugs!!

I Confess by Alex Barclay

Seven friends. One killer. No escape…

A group of childhood friends are reunited at a luxury inn on a remote west coast peninsula in Ireland. But as a storm builds outside, the dark events that marred their childhoods threaten to resurface.

And when a body is discovered, the group faces a shocking realisation: a killer is among them, and not everyone will escape with their lives

Francey by Deirdre Purcell

For almost two decades Francey Sullivan has fantasized about his absent actor-father, George Gallagher. The urge to contact his father becomes an obsession. When he finally traces him, he also finds Francey’s half-brother Mannering, and his mysterious wife Fleur.

I want to keep my TBR kind of fluid after those ones but I do have the September Book of the Month for my group on Goodreads which is Vampire on the Orient Express by Shane Carrow. It’s a pretty short book so I’m happy to add it to my TBR plus it sounds really good!

Vampire on the Orient Express by Shane Carrow

Paris, 1914. American adventurer Sam Carter boards the Orient Express, departing France in style after an impulsive decision to desert the Foreign Legion. British diplomat Lucas Avery is already nursing a drink in the smoking car, resenting his assignment to the distant Ottoman Empire. Neither man expects anything more from the next three days and three thousand miles than rich food, expensive champagne and fine cigars. 

But something dangerous is lurking aboard the train, hiding in plain sight among French aristocrats and German businessmen. Through fire and darkness, through blood and ice, the Orient Express is bearing an ancient evil across the continent – and not all its passengers will live to see Constantinople…

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