Halloween Spooktacular & Reading Soirée Announcement

Halloween Reading Soirée – 24 hour readathon for Halloween

Halloween is by far the best holiday (in my opinion anyway), it’s dedicated to fun, thrills, and treats. What more could you want?

This year I’ve decided to have a Halloween Spooktacular for the month ending with a Reading Soirée on the 31st. The Spooktacular will consist of weekly Halloween themed posts and the soirée will be a 24 hour readathon on Halloween. There’s absolutely no pressure to read for the 24 hours, you could read for just half an hour if you want, but all are welcome to join in. Bonus points if you watch some spooky tv shows/movies while you read.

We also have a Goodreads group to chat with each other. Join the group here.

Reading Prompts

These are really just to give you some ideas of what to read. 24 hours isn’t really long enough to finish a whole book so you can finish the prompts whenever you feel like. You can even start them before the soirée if you want and try to complete them all.

  • Read a book with an orange or black cover
  • Read a book with a witch or wizard
  • Read a book with a vampire
  • Read a non-fiction book about Halloween or a spooky being
  • Read a ghost story
  • Read a book with an undead being like a zombie or ghoul

Instagram Story Templates

Share your Reading Soirée plans with your friends on Instagram with these story templates. Use the hashtag #readingsoiree if you do so I can see your reading plans too 🙂

Halloween Reading Soiree Prompts Instagram Story Template Elaine Howlin

Need some spooky reading music…

6 thoughts on “Halloween Spooktacular & Reading Soirée Announcement

    1. Aw sorry to hear you don’t like it. Trick or treaters can be annoying! Reading Dracula for Victober sounds like a great idea. I think it would be great to do the candle reading challenge on Halloween night too

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