We Watched Horror Movies for 11 Hours ๐Ÿ‘ป

11 Hours of Horror Movie Marathon Elaine Howlin

Hello everyone, we had a bit of a storm over the weekend so we decided the best way to pass the time would be to frighten the bejesus out of ourselves with a horror marathon.

We made a list of 20 movies, 10 picks each, 5 watched and 5 unwatched, and chose one randomly just before watching. We did cheat once but what’s life without a little naughtiness.

We gathered our snacks and prepared ourselves for hours of terror at 1pm. Over the ensuing hours, my hair got progressively fuzzier (most likely from fear not lying on a fluffy blanket) and himself made no noticeable changes but I’m sure he was shivering with terror on the inside. We took minor breaks for food (and to cower behind the sofa) but we managed to watch 6 movies ending our marathon at midnight with some very bloodshot eyes.

Best Movie of the Night

If you take one thing from this post it’s that you should watch Train to Busan. If you’re a zombie movie fan you should really have watched it already and I’m a bit disappointed in you for not doing so. What are you still doing here?! GO WATCH IT! Well, maybe watch our video first then go watch it ๐Ÿ˜

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Full Movie List

  1. Triangle
  2. Dawn of the Dead
  3. Event Horizon
  4. It Follows
  5. Constantine
  6. Session 9
  7. Prometheus
  8. A Tale of Two Sisters
  9. 30 Days of Night
  10. Suspiria
  11. The Crazies
  12. Happy Death Day
  13. Tucker and Dale vs Evil
  14. Train to Busan
  15. The Grudge
  16. The Guest
  17. 28 Days Later
  18. The Ones Below
  19. The Lighthouse
  20. Coherence

We Watched 11 Hours of Horror Movies @elainehowlin_

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18 thoughts on “We Watched Horror Movies for 11 Hours ๐Ÿ‘ป

  1. Train to Busan was so dang good! I usually don’t like zombie movies anymore, but I was going to watch this no matter what because Gong Yoo is a sexy mf- but the movie was aaaactually amazing!

    What did you think of Tucker & Dale vs Evil? That’s my go-to when I am having a bad day and need a good laugh! ๐Ÿ™‚

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