A Day in the Life Journaling & Crafting | SILENT VLOG

Hi friends, today I’m doing lots of creating. Nothing calms my mind like a good crafting session. Today I’m trying out air dry clay, coffee and wine staining paper, trying out a painting technique with nail polish, making some stamps for journaling and putting a journal together. I hope you enjoy the video!

Thanks for watching đź’ś


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2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life Journaling & Crafting | SILENT VLOG

  1. Love your video, especially the way you colored your pages. It looked like you put piles of paper into the oven when they were still wet, did they not stick together? I always thought, wet paper dries in a way that makes them stick together like glue.

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    1. No, they never stick in the oven for whatever reason. I thought they would too but they didn’t. It might be because it’s a fan oven so it’s always blowing air on the paper, lifting it as it dries.


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