Jane Austen July | SILENT VLOGS

Hello friends, sadly Jane Austen July is nearly over and I didn’t vlog nearly as much as I intended too. I had planned on getting more reading in and some chatty vlogs but things don’t always go as planned. I did do some colouring in the beautiful Colour Me Jane by Jacqui Oakley (be sure to check out that book it is so pretty) and I turned my cheap edition of Emma into a kind of book journal.

Anyway, you can see all of what I got up to in the vlogs below.


For the second vlog, I discovered this nifty little YouTube feature where you can add chapters to your videos. To add them to your video you simply type in a time stamp in your description and write a chapter title next to it. To type in a time stamp you just type 0:00 or whatever time you want to mark in your video.

I think it’s a great feature and will work really well for my vlogs when I’m doing a few different things and people can just skip around to the things that interest them.

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