Neron Rising by Keary Taylor Book Review

Title: Neron Rising

Series: Neron Rising Saga #1

Author: Keary Taylor

ISBN: 173078612X

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance


Synopsis: In the Eon galaxy, Dominion controls any planet with solid Neron deposits, and Nova just found out they’re coming for hers. Korpillion isn’t supposed to have any Neron—the galaxy’s purest form of energy—but Nova Ainsley has been working with the owner of a secret mine for months, building highly illegal weapons that can wield Neron. She wants off Korpillion, and selling these weapons will buy her and her father a ticket to another planet in the galaxy.

Neron is incredible on its own, but there are those who can wield it to their will, granting them the ability to read minds, see the future, and destroy worlds—the Nero. But this is a galaxy where they are ceasing to exist, and Dominion owns the last one in the known universe, using him to take over and destroy billions of lives.

An encounter with the last Nero shows Nova her future: it’s with him. She will stand by his side one day, her fingers laced through his, love and adoration in both their eyes, a dark queen to his evil, pawn king.

Fate or destiny, Nova will do whatever it takes to change their future, and that of the galaxy.

The Neron Rising Saga is a series of episodes. Neron Rising is a slow-burn space-fantasy romance.

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“I…am nothing.”

He takes a step forward, shaking his head twice, with absolute conviction. “You’re not nothing, Nova.”

Keary Taylor, Neron Rising

Pages: 112

My Rating: ★★★★★

Review: If you loved the relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey (Reylo 😉 ) in the recent Star Wars movies you will probably be into this. I sure as heck was!! I just wish it had been longer but there are six more episodes for me to look forward to.

There are a few Star Wars undertones but don’t worry if you’re not a fan, it’s nothing like it really. There’s an evil empire like company, people with special abilities and chosen one vibes for our leading lady but that’s kind of it for the Star Wars similarities. Except for the Reylo thing (which I freaking LOVE).

It’s a brilliant first book in a series and a great intro to the genre if science fiction isn’t something you’d usually read.

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Synopsis and book cover from Goodreads. Photos from my Instagram @elainehowlin_

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