4 Spotify Playlists Perfect for Reading Classics

We all know the book is pretty much always better but I love an adaptation of a classic novel. I love seeing the settings, props and clothes that I’m not familiar enough with to picture in my imagination. And it’s interesting to see an interpretation of the characters, their interactions and responses, that may be different to how I saw them. I think an adaptation brings another dimension to a story and how I get to experience it.

My favourite thing about adaptations though is that they provide the perfect music for getting lost in a fictional world. There’s very rarely singing so no distractions and they are so emotional and expressive.

Here are some of my favourite playlists on Spotify to listen to while reading classics and historical fiction.

North and South

Let me tell you something….. I love this freaking adaptation so much!!! I’ve watched it about 5 times now I think. My husband has gone from being annoyed at seeing it on the TV to just rolling with it. Of course, one of the best things about it is it’s sombre soundtrack. When I hear those first sweeping notes I know I’m in for an emotional story full of joy and heartache.

Hopefully, you’ll have more fun reading than poor Mr Thornton here.

Violins & Pianos

Nothing sets the scene for a classical or historical novel like the sweet tinkle of a piano or the eloquent strings of a violin. This playlist is quite romantic and relaxing for the most part.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy your book as much as Elizabeth here

Regency Time

This playlist is basically all Jane Austen soundtracks which are lovely so score! Perfect for reading the woman herself or any regency romance historical’s. Some Georgette Heyer, Julia Quinn, Elizabeth Hoyt, or Eloisa James to name but a few.

Oh, what a cute little sneaky peep!

Victorian Era

Perfect for when you’re reading something a little bit darker or dramatic. Some gothic Victorian novel like Dracula or Frankenstein or maybe some historical mystery like Opium and Absinthe.

Oh, my, how shocking!

So, that’s my list. What music do you like to listen to while reading?

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11 thoughts on “4 Spotify Playlists Perfect for Reading Classics

  1. Love the playlists (and the gifs)! Normally I can’t listen to anything while reading because I find it distracting, but last week I tried listening to nature sounds and I liked it. I tried rain, and forest. They were both kind of soothing and atmospheric

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