The Part-Time Vegetarian’s Year Cook Book Review

Title: The Part-Time Vegetarian’s Year

Author: Nicola Graimes

ISBN: 9781848993815

Pages: 202

Genre & Tags: Cooking, Seasonal Eating, Flexitarian, Vegetarian, Vegan

Release Date: 8th September 2020


Synopsis: More than 100 seasonal, everyday meals for friends and family from The Part-Time Vegetarian’s kitchen.

Since The Part-Time Vegetarian was published in 2015 the food landscape has changed. Proving itself more than a passing fad, the term “flexitarian” was added to the OED in 2015 and this way of eating has been highlighted by nutritionists and environmentalists as a necessity for the long-term health of both ourselves and our planet. Beyond eating less meat and more veg, awareness of the importance of eating sustainable, seasonal food is also on the increase. The moment a plant is harvested its nutrients start to deplete, so the sooner it is on the plate, the tastier and more nutritious it is.

The Part-Time Vegetarian’s Year includes over 100 flexible recipes ordered by season, making it easy to work with the calendar to produce delicious food all year round. In spring, feast on a Rejuvenating Coconut and Spinach Broth or Spring Vegetable Fritto Misto. Summer brings a refreshing Watermelon, Pitta and Goat’s Cheese Salad or Avocado, Pea and Mint Pasta. In autumn, cuddle up with a warming Baked Cauliflower Cheese Risotto or Smoky Aubergine Chilli. Finally, winter gives us comforting Winter Green Noodles and Celeriac, Ginger and Sesame Bhajis. From summer barbecues to festive feasts, each chapter also contains at least one full feature menu for easy entertaining. All of the recipes are vegetarian, but most feature a Part-Time Variation, showing you how to include an element of meat or fish, or even how to make the dish fully vegan, if you would like.

This is the perfect book to support your food journey whether you are fully vegetarian, just dipping a toe in the water, or someone looking to cut down on their meat intake a few days a week.

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…eating with the seasons means you get to enjoy fresh produce when it’s at its peak; when it tastes its best; and when it’s most readily available and reasonably priced…

Nicola Graimes, The Part-Time Vegetarian’s Year

My Rating: ★★★★☆

My Review: A great resource of inventive seasonal eating for anyone looking to add more vegetables to their diet or cut back a bit on meat. Each recipe is vegetarian but there’s a section underneath with recommended meat or vegan variations.

The book is divided into four sections by season with a list of what’s in season during that time and a dinner plan for social events. The recipes are very approachable but look presentable. More for dining than everyday dinner time.

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