The MS Readathon 2020

The MS Readathon is a reading event encouraging children to read as much as they can to raise funds and awareness for those suffering from multiple sclerosis. This year they’ve invited we grown-ups in on the reading fun so of course I had to sign up! You can to here.

Please visit my donation page and donate as much as you can, any amount you like even as little as €2 will help! Click Here to donate to the MS Readathon.

The readathon is being held in November so there’s still time for you and/or your kids to sign up and help out too. The goal is simply to read as much as you can!

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4 thoughts on “The MS Readathon 2020

  1. I have an uncle who passed away in 1991 from complication from MS. I’ve never seen a read-a-thon fundraiser for MS before, this is great! I’ll have to see if they do any in the US. That’s way more up my alley that the usual walk-a-thons I’ve done. Good luck!

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