This Month I Loved | October Favourites

What a month! October is usually one of my favourite months but this year….. yeah, everything about this year has been a bit off to be fair. Usually October is full of Halloween fun but with us basically going back into lockdown it’s fallen a little flat. I did enjoy spending time with my family early in the month, watching some spooky shows and movies and getting some much needed new cosmetics online. Thank god for online shopping!!

Favourite Book

The Vagina Book from Thinx with Dr. Jenn Conti. I am consistently surprised by what I don’t know about my down there! Every time I read a book about it I learn something new. I love this one not only for what it thought me but for the approachable language used, inclusivity and its acceptant attitude towards every little wonderful and cringey thing that happens down there. A must read for everyone with or without a vulva.

Get the book: Amazon | Kobo | Book Depository


Favourite Recipe

Odlums Chocolate Brownie. Of course, you could make this with any brand of flour not just Odlums. Odlums is pretty much the dominant baking brand here in Ireland and with good reason. Their products are very high quality and make fabulous cakes and bread. I made these chocolate brownies using Odlums cream flour and Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate. The recipe calls for walnuts but I left those out cause I’m not a fan of nuts in my brownies. They was so freaking good! Way better than anything you’d get in the shops if I do say so myself 😉 Annoyingly I forgot to take a photo of my brownies to show you before I devoured the decadent little beasts so I’ve just posted the recipe photo from Odlums above.

Favourite Product

O Naturals 6-Piece Black Soap Collection. I’m not normally a fan of bars of soap but these are so beautiful! They smell so fresh, lather really easily and leave my skin feeling so soft and clean. I got these because my T-zone has been acting up something fierce with redness and black heads (jerks) and my usual skincare routine just wasn’t cutting it. Two washes with the cleansing bar and the redness was gone! I can not recommend these soaps enough especially if you have dry or problematic skin.

Favourite Show

The Haunting of Bly Manor wasn’t nearly as scary as The Haunting of Hill House but it was much sadder. Really every ghost story should be a little sad since it’s a story about someone experiencing death, loss and loneliness so severe it corrupts their soul. Bly Manor does have plenty creepy moments and jump scares to satisfy us horror fans though. I must say, haunting is the perfect word to describe it both in terms of event and feeling. The show is available on Netflix.


What were your favourites this month? I’m always on the lookout for new shows to watch so please let me know what you’ve been watching in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “This Month I Loved | October Favourites

  1. I agree, the Haunting of Bly Manor was my favourite thing I watched this month too. It was so good, and I love the f/f, anxiety and depression rep. They did such a good job of talking about loss and I just loved everything about it, even if it was sad!
    Great wrap up! 😊

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