ElaineHowlinStudio has Launched!!

Hi everyone, I’m so excited to announce that my Etsy store ElaineHowlinStudio has launched!!

I launched the store last week and it’s going pretty good so far…. I’m still learning best practices for running an Etsy store and how to market an online business. I will be making changes as I learn but it’s a very exciting new venture that I feel is going to be really fruitful. I just have such a good feeling about it all!!

For today, I want to share two of the bundles available in ElaineHowlinStudio.

Autumn Apples Bundle

The Autumn Apples Junk Journaling Paper and Ephemera Bundle is aimed more at reading journals than general journaling. I’ve included a Reading Log page and a set of 6 monthly Wrap-Up or TBR Journaling Cards. I love using those journaling cards in my journal 🧡🧡

Victorian Ladies Bundle

The Victorian Ladies Junk Journaling & Scrapbooking Ephemera Elements and Templates Bundle is aimed more at general journaling despite it being created with Victober in mind. I made these items when I was thinking about what I wanted to read for Victober and ended up journaling more than I read!

Visit my new store ElaineHowlinStudio

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