The Christmas Key | Book Review

Title: The Christmas Key

Series: Twilight, Texas #9

Author: Lori Wilde

ISBN: 0062468278

Pages: 400

Genre & Tags: Christmas, Contemporary, Romance, Small Town, Loss, Family, Military

Release Date: Oct 23, 2018


Synopsis: There’s a legend in Twilight, Texas. If you sleep with a kismet cookie under your pillow on Christmas Eve, you will dream of your one true love.

She saw him in her dreams . . .

It’s impossible! Naomi Luther was standing face-to-face with the man she’d dreamed about over a year ago. Was it the magic of kismet Christmas cookies that brought him to her? Or is there an even greater force at work? All Naomi knows is she is falling, hard and fast, for the one man all good sense says she should not have.

She was his buddy’s sister . . .

Rebellious Mark Shepherd found order in the Marines but chaos on the battlefield. In a mission gone wrong, Mark is injured and one of his fellow soldiers loses his life. Haunted by guilt, he arrives in Twilight to keep a solemn promise. But when the Luthers mistake him for their handyman, he’s swept up in playing Santa to his buddy’s orphan son . . . and falling hard for Naomi’s irresistible bright spirit and sweet, sexy smile. But what will happen when she learns the truth?

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Opening Sentence

Marine Gunnery Sergeant Mark Shepherd jerked awake. Disoriented, he lunged for the rifle that wasn’t there.

Lori Wilde, The Christmas Key

My Rating: ★★★★☆

My Review: A sweet small town romance like one of those Hallmark Channel movies (which are usually based on books) but with some steamy lovin’ near the end. Despite this, the book is a mostly clean romance centred around loss and family. The character’s share an emotional connection that helps them deal with their pain and learn to live with what they’ve been through.

I only have one little tiny itty bitty complaint…this woman has gone through 27 years of life without experiencing an orgasm. Not even solo!! That’s no way to live 😂😂 It brings me back to my old complaint with romance novels focusing on virginal or prudish women and slutty men. I just don’t understand why this constantly happens!?!

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