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Love Letters Journaling Bundle for Junk Journals, Scrapbooking, Crafting and Valentine’s


My latest junk journaling digital download bundle is inspired by the antique art of love letter writing. I drew mainly from Rococo art and Jane Austen novels to bring romance and a vintage aesthetic to my Valentine’s bundles.

The Love Letters Journaling Bundle uses a romantic pink floral design with vintage portraits of stylish men and women to portray a charming and tender tone.

The download consists of 1 zip file containing 8 JPG files; 4 A4 patterned papers, 4 journaling cards, 1 sheet of 23 various sized stamps, 1 envelope template, 2 treat box templates.

Vintage Floral Love Letter Designs for Valentine’s

Journaling Cards for junk journals, scrapbooks, crafting and Valentine’s

Treat Boxes for chocolates or other gifts

Sheet of 23 stamps of various for scrapbooking, junk journaling, crafting and Valentine’s

How to Assemble the Templates

The envelope templates can be a little confusing for some if unfamiliar. Here’s how to put them together.

Visit the Template Gallery for More

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    1. Thank you!! I can write a post about how I started my shop but to be honest I’m still learning the ropes with running a shop let alone a successful shop! It’s been a really good experience so far though 🙂

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