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Hi everyone, I’m so happy to be sharing my latest Etsy bundle with you today! I’m a complete sucker for vintage floral designs so that’s what I’ve been working on lately. Today’s bundle features four A4 jpg pages consisting of 1 sheet of Washi Strips, 3 mini envelopes, 1 pocket and 1 decorative envelope. I’ve started using them in my Legend Planner for 2021 to add a bit of colour and decoration to my planning.

Romantic floral design digital junk journaling bundle for use in junk journals, reading journals, scrapbooks, crafting projects and for Valentine’s Day.

With their pink floral design they would work great in a Valentine’s project, be it card making, scrapbooking or junk journaling. They have a romantic touch without it being too obvious so they could really work for any project especially if you’re as big a fan of vintage floral designs as I am!

The download consists of 4 A4 JPG files; 1 sheet Washi Strips, 1 Decorative Envelope, 1 Pocket, and 3 Small Envelopes.

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