Photography Portfolio | January Highlights

Hi everyone, so still life and interior photography are fairly big interests of mine that I wasn’t really sure what to do with other than sharing photos on Instagram. Then I added some photos to Unsplash for people to use on their blogs/commercial projects/ whatever they want for free. The reaction I got there was super positive and I ended up on the featured page instantly.

My most popular photograph on Unsplash

Through my profile there I was contacted by Wirestock, a stock photography site that majorly simplifies the process and assists in the sale of your images.

I’m extremely picky over the quality of my photos so I’ve been quite slow at uploading photos to the site but I’ve had a very positive experience on Wirestock as well and highly recommend trying it out.

Stock photography is a very competitive market. There are so many people uploading to sites like ShutterStock all the time from all over the world but Wirestock makes the whole thing so much easier. You upload to their site and they’ll add your photos to the stock photography sites of your choice and add all the relevant information to help them sell.

Making money is slow going but it is going. It would probably help if I uploaded a bit more frequently. Here are some highlights from my Wirestock Portfolio this month.

Reading back on this post it looks like I’m pushing the site quite a bit and just want to say this is not a sponsored post but it does contain affiliate links.

Really, I just want to let people with an interest in photography know that there’s something you can do with your photos. People have always told me I should be doing something with my photos but no one can tell me what it is I should be doing!

Why do I use Wirestock?

“Wirestock offers a one of a kind “Easy Submission” tool that allows contributors to skip the process of filling out descriptions, titles, keywords and other required fields. The required information will be filled out by Wirestock submission experts to help you boost your sales. It is available 100% free of charge for Wirestock contributors.” – Wirestock

Although earning money has been slow it’s still going faster than what I was doing before which was nothing! I won’t be making a career of this any time soon but it’s a nice bonus and a great motivator to keep up with my hobby.

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15 thoughts on “Photography Portfolio | January Highlights

  1. Thanks for bringing wirestock to my attention! looks promising, I will check it out further and use your link if I decide to sign up. I’ve considered a few of the sites it submits to previously – alarmy, adobe stock, shutterstock, but never bitten the bullet as they seem time consuming. Have you had a payout yet? I like your images and blog too, following 🙂

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