This Month I Loved | January Favourites

How does January manage to feel so long?! Does anyone else feel like January lasted about 3 months?

Favourite Book | Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch

Not actually finished this book yet but I started it this month and it is very interesting to far. I have spent pretty much my whole life from early to teens to now worrying about my weight and what I’m eating. To say I’m tired of it is a bit of an understatement. All that focus on it didn’t make a blind bit of difference anyway. I still ended up gaining a butt-load of weight and ended up with a messed up relationship with food.

I want this book to help me heal my relationship with food and to finally stop obsessing about it all.

Get the book: Amazon


Favourite Recipe | Banana Bread from Frugal Fit Mom

Frugal Fit Mom is one of my favourite YouTubers. She posts a lot of really straightforward budget friendly recipes that are aimed at feeding your family instead of impressing dinner guests. This Banana Bread is delicious enough to impress people and keep your family happy.

Favourite Product | Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams Wall Calendar

I just love Thomas Kinkade’s Disney art. It’s so beautiful and he makes the Disney characters work so well in these artistic settings. Since I can’t afford any of his paintings I’ll just have to settle for these fabulous calendars instead. This family planning one has so much space for appointments and events for each family member and it comes with some cute stickers.

Favourite Movie | Soul

A pretty complex concept for Pixar to take on but they manage a fun and sweet movie all the same. I expected it to be sadder since it’s literally dealing with the afterlife but it wasn’t sad at all!! Unlike Up and Onward which had me in floods of tears, Soul bordered on sad at times but kept a mostly upbeat tone throughout.

Goodbye January!!

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9 thoughts on “This Month I Loved | January Favourites

  1. Intuitive eating is so interesting. I’m trying the mildest possible version which is… actually stopping eating when I’m full. I was raised to clear my plate and so I can struggle to leave food on it unless I’m full to bust. But now I’m trying to stop eating when I’m actually full

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