Spell the Month in Books | February

I’ve spotted a few people doing this and thought I’d join in the fun 🙂 I’m doing this with books I’ve read instead of books I’d like to read. I’ve tried to pick ones you wouldn’t see too often on my blog/channel.

F- Fables by Bill Willingham

I’ve read a few graphic novels but this series is the only one to really grab me. It’s an urban fantasy series with fairytale characters that have been booted out of their own realm and forced to live in ours. There’s a very interesting story arch going through the series along with each editions story.

E- Emma by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice will always be my favourite Jane Austen but I really love this one too. I love the growth of Emma’s character from someone a bit bratty to much more mature.


B- Berenice by Edgar Allen Poe

I listened to a reading of this creepy little tale by Stuff You Should Know a few years ago. It was one of their early Halloween specials. It’s an odd little story which I think a lot of older gothic horror is.

R- RoomHate by Penelope Ward

After reading The Hating Game I was hungry for more enemies to lovers contemporary romance so I tried out this one. It did not meet my expectations.


U- Uprooted by Naomi Novik

So good!! Definitely a book I will reread at some point. This book was seriously popular so you probably don’t need an explanation of the plot. It’s a kind of Beauty and the Beast retelling with a stronger female lead and more intricate plot.

A- The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

I had high expectations for this book. People talk about it like it changed their lives but it was just ok for me. I can see why people find it so inspiring but I thought it was a little preachy.

R- The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams

This series is so crazy, silly and fun! I listened to the audiobooks narrated by Stephen Fry and Martin Freeman and they do a wonderful job. They really bring the characters to life and express the weirdness of the situations.


Y- You by Caroline Kepnes

Such an interesting concept of a thriller. It’s fascinating to follow the bad guy in a story and see how he perceives his situation and behaviour. It has the crazy effect of making you almost root for him!

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10 thoughts on “Spell the Month in Books | February

  1. Ah! Fables makes me think of The wolf among us, the videogame.. I used to love watching people play it — Same thing, all the characters was fairytale characters!! I might have to try it if I see this graphic novel available on my libby app at some point.

    I did watched You on netflix, one of thoses I’m not really sure why I kept up with it 😂, but surely the written story shall be better.. with more details..

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