30 Blog Post Ideas & Calendars | March

I’m definitely a planner when it comes to my content. One of the things I like to do each month is look up what events are coming up and mark them on a calendar along with my ideas and keep it over my desk. This way I always have something to write about and I never freak out about my blog getting boring.

Usually, I post all of the days of note here for you but it takes so long to format all those dates, I’m just going to link them for you instead, March Days of Note.

This month I also have 30 Blog Post Ideas for March for you along with the calendars. If you use any of these ideas, I would absolutely love to read your post so please link it in the comments or feel free to message me🧡

Click the templates for larger versions. More templates in the Template Gallery.

Weekly Planner Calendar


Monthly Planner Calendar

Instagram Story/ Phone Wallpaper Calendar for Planning and Tracking

Visit the Template Gallery for more

Instagram Post Calendar for Tracking and Planning

30 Book Blog Post Ideas for February

Text version below

  1. Share the books you want to read
  2. Share your favourite book covers
  3. Your top 3 books of the year so far
  4. 5 movies based on books
  5. 5 best mystery books
  6. Do a Book Tag
  7. Share 3 people who inspire you
  8. Top 3 new-to-you authors
  9. Do a Q&A with an author
  10. Review a childhood favourite
  11. Compare a retelling with its inspiration
  12. Share a haul of bookish items
  13. 3 books in translation
  14. Write about your favourite book shop
  15. Plan a bookish party
  16. Share your favourite bookmarks
  17. Share your top 3 BookTubers
  18. Talk about the books you didn’t read from last March’s TBR
  19. Create a bookish cocktail recipe
  20. Do a ‘plan with me’
  21. Chat about why you blog/vlog
  22. Chat about bookish tropes you hate
  23. Share a behind-the-scenes look at your blog/vlog
  24. Top 5 Audiobooks
  25. Create a bookish craft
  26. Do a tour of your bookshelves
  27. Top 5 Classics
  28. Write about books set in your home town/city/country
  29. Chat about your favourite bookish websites
  30. Write about your favourite female authors

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