18 Irish Books on my Shelf I HAVEN’T Read Yet

18 Irish Books on my Shelf I HAVEN'T Read Yet Elaine Howlin

If you’re anything like me, you love getting new books. The trouble is actually getting around to reading all those wonderful new books. Sales, 3 for 2 offers and second-hand bookshops have spurred my book buying to a level I’m not sure I’ll catch up on. It has given me quite a nice collection of books I’m proud to have on display though. So, even if I never get around to reading all these at least my house looks pleasurably bookish.

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Irish Books on my Shelf I Haven’t Read

Irish Books I haven't read yet Elaine Howlin

Before we get to the list, I must admit I’m a little tiny bit ashamed by how many Irish books/authors I haven’t read yet. Ireland is well known for its literary prowess and being here in the thick of it I should have absorbed a bit more. Luckily, we have the Irish Readathon to help with that.

Irish Books I haven't read yet Elaine Howlin

Most of these are second hand and aren’t actually available anymore but I’ve linked what I could find. Check out my YouTube video below for more info on the books.

There’s still time to join in the Irish Readathon if you want. The readathon runs until March 31st and you only need to read one Irish book to take part. Full information about the Irish Readathon here.

Of these books, I’m most excited for the Louise O’Neill and Deirdre Purcell ones. Purcell’s books aren’t my usual type but since she wrote my absolute favourite book, I have to try more of her work. O’Neill is an inspirational writer whose work is bound to strike a chord with you. She can invoke significantly strong emotions that readers often relate to. Though it may be an uncomfortable relation that shines a light on the secret sides of ourselves.

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8 thoughts on “18 Irish Books on my Shelf I HAVEN’T Read Yet

  1. Great post Elaine, I’ll admit I don’t think I’ve ever read Irish lit, but I have heard of Louise O’Neill’s books and the summaries always catch my attention. Such a variety of books to read, really enjoyed this post!

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