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Originally created by Erika SOS Books but I saw it on my co-host of The Irish Readathon’s channel, Words of Clover.

☘️ Green– a book with a green cover

This is one of the tasks in The Irish Readathon and for that I chose The Last September by Elizabeth Bowen but to mix things up a bit let’s talk about Wideacre by Phillipa Gregory which has a bunch of covers but most are pretty green. This book is utterly crazy. The main character character is like an extra evil Scarlet O’Hara. Great to read if you want a dramatic historical read. You won’t believe some of the stuff this woman gets up to.

☘️ Blarney – a book that deceived you into either liking it or was overhyped and you ended up disliking it

A lot of YA books get a serious amount of hype online. YA isn’t really my thing but I get reeled in by the hype every now and then. Most of the time, the books live up to the hype but not so much for Red Rising by Pierce Brown. I found it to be too predictable and a bit too similar to other books already out there. Basically, it was a boring read for me.

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☘️ Brogue – (dialect) a book where one of the characters has an accent

Kresley Cole has a tendency to write her male characters in dialect which is fine for the most part but she had an Irish character in one of her books that didn’t quite work for me. She has an Irish character in her Arcana Chronicles series as well and he’s usually ok when written in dialect but with Declan Chase in Dreams of a Dark Warrior I’m just not sure what’s going on with his accent. I think she’s written it pretty well but for the wrong region. He’s meant to be from Belfast but the accent sounds more Dublin.

☘️ Leprechaun – a book you enjoyed when you were a little person

I’m still a fairly little person 😂 I loved Enid Blyton stories when I was a child but the first book that got me excited about reading Rosie’s Gift by Ann Carroll. This is about a young girl, Rose McGrath, who can time travel. She journeys back to 1870’s Ireland to save her ancestor from being punished for something he didn’t do. At least I think that’s what happened….it’s been a really long time since I read it.

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☘️ Pot of Gold – a book that cost you a lot or is of great value to you

I don’t think any of my books were particularly expensive. I have books that felt expensive when I was buying them but it was because money was tight and I really shouldn’t have buying books. I do love my edition of The Grimm’s Fairytales and the illustrated editions of Harry Potter.

☘️ Four-Leaf Clover or Shamrock – four leaves = more than one book. Pick your current or old favorite series

This is such a tough one to answer right now! My favourite series has always been the Cassie Palmer series by Karen Chance but I found the last two books in that series a little tiresome to read. I guess it’s still my favourite series overall cause the recent releases don’t take away from my enjoyment of previous books in the series.

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☘️ Magic – a book that you found magical or a book where you enjoyed a magic element that was found in the storyline

I read lots of books with magic… Ok, let’s step away from my most read genre and go with my favourite book, Falling for a Dancer by Deirdre Purcell. I mention it in almost every tag I do so I may as well throw it in here too. I find it magical because it encompasses so much of what I love. A vintage homey life.

☘️ Kiss – Your current favorite book pairing or you’re all time favorite book pairing

I freaking love the romance in The Hating Game by Sally Thorne. It may be an obvious romance book to chose but it’s just so yummy.

☘️ Luck – a book on your shelf that you will luckily get to…someday

Oh, my gosh, so many! It’s mostly the big books that I keep putting off.. On my shelf patiently waiting to be read at the moment are Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke and A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. There are of course many more but those are the biggest ones.

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☘️ Jig – a book that if you don’t currently own but if could get a hold of it-it would make you dance with joy. (Can be a book that isn’t released yet or a book you’d really like to own)

I would very much like to get my hands on the next Immortals After Dark book from Kresley Cole. It’s been a few years since the last release and some Kresley Cole would be a real treat right now. We have a title and a blurb but no release as of yet.

☘️ Rainbow – That’s you! Lead other booktubers/book bloggers to this “pot of gold” tag – Tag your favorite friends to do this tag!!

I tag you!! Please do this tag if you want to 🙂

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