8 Beautiful Etsy Finds Inspired by Ireland

With the month that’s in it, I wanted to share some beautiful items I’ve found on Etsy inspired by Ireland and Irish culture. Etsy is one of my favourite online retailers and what’s even better, it’s a great way to support small and local businesses. Many people (myself included) use Etsy to launch their homemade crafts or art business or they had to move their business here since markets are no longer a thing. With so much being handmade, Etsy gives me the feeling and joy of wandering a craft market but I can do it in my pajamas and slippers.

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Irish Turf – Handmade Soy Candle
Some people aren’t big fans of this scent but I love it. It’s such a homely countryside fragrance. You will be transported straight to a warm stove in a cosy cottage the moment you smell it.

View on Etsy

Irish Families Clan Map
The vintage style of this map is simply beautiful. Townships and names are taken from antiquity so the map isn’t quite accurate by today’s standards but the history is what makes this map special. A truly beautiful item to display if you have Irish ancestry or an Irish name.

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Retro Vintage Style Travel Poster or Canvas Picture – Cork Ireland
Cork; the people’s capitol. Shandon Bells and Tower (on the left of the poster) is one of Cork’s most popular and beautiful destinations. The church was built in 1722 making it one of the oldest in the city and gives spectacular 360 degree views from the tower. It’s highlighted so wonderfully in this poster in striking colours. It gives the impression of the tower watching over Cork just as the sun sets.

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Irish bracelet
The punt (Irish currency before the euro) has been out of circulation for quite a while now. The coins had beautiful imprints of Irish wildlife on them making them the perfect charms for jewelry. Quirky Girl Workshop has some gorgeous bracelets, earrings and keychains made with the old coins.

View it on Etsy

Dublin Pub – O’ Donoghue’s, Dublin, Ireland
This shop from Irish artist Emma Doyle has gorgeous paintings of Irish pubs, buildings and Georgian doors around Dublin. The character and aesthetic of Ireland is wonderfully captured by Emma in these paintings. One of these would be a wonderful way to remember that little pub where you had your first drop of Guinness brewed in Ireland.

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Craic handmade definition print
Bella Arte’s and Crafts has these fabulous definition prints of Irish words and phrases. Mostly slang and the tongue-in-cheek ones. The prints are a lot of fun and will definitely give anyone familiar with the local language a few giggles.

View on Etsy

Dark Gray Herringbone Wool 8 Panels Cap
Many people may associate these caps with Peaky Blinders but to me they will always be granddad caps. My granddad always had one of these on his head as did many of the older men in my village. It is an absolute staple of old Ireland that will make you instantly dapper.

View on Etsy

Irish Donegal tweed scarf
Irish tweed is another beautiful fashion staple of old Ireland. It’s geared more towards tourists now but that doesn’t take away from how beautiful it is. Tweed is a rough unfinished hand woven fabric making the items created from it quite strong and durable. Kate Irish Tweed Store has gorgeous scarves, wraps, and hats handmade in Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

View on Etsy

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13 thoughts on “8 Beautiful Etsy Finds Inspired by Ireland

  1. That Irish clan map is gorgeous! No Irish blood (that I know of) in me but my mum’s Scottish so I might need to take a wee look and see if they do a similar thing for Scotland!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My ancestors are from Leitrim, and I’ve seen my name on other maps. When I went there many years ago, the parish priest in the town said the area was “polluted” with them! A comment I’ve always remembered. They must get sick of the tourists…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think it’s silly for anyone here to be sick of tourists. Tourists are great for the country!! People are just jerks about it sometimes. I was once mistaken for an American tourist on the Luas in Dublin cause I was wearing a baseball cap by the most obnoxious little sh*thead!! He started jeering me saying things about going to see leprechauns until I informed him I was Irish. I make sure to be as nice as possible to tourists to make up for idiots like him.

        Liked by 1 person

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