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This tagged was created by Pretty Purple Polka Dots who also tagged me in it. I absolutely always get her intro music stuck in my head after watching her videos!!

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Introduce yourself – who are you, where are you from, etc

Hello, I’m Elaine from Ireland. I currently live in Cork but I’m from Kilkenny and will be moving back there later this year.

What’s your favourite Irish book from your childhood?

Rosie’s Gift by Ann Carroll. It’s about a young girl that travels back in time to help an ancestor of hers working in the local big house.

What books did you study for your Leaving Cert?

School is mostly a blur for me now but I remember studying Lies of Silence by Brian Moore (along with many many other students in Ireland it seems). It’s about a man who is forced by the IRA to plant a bomb in his car outside a hotel in Belfast. I think it’s something I would have enjoyed reading more if I hadn’t read it for school. Our teacher made us read it out loud in class, each student and her taking turns. My strongest memory of this book is when it came to a pretty tame sexual scene and she read it out loud to us. Any time I see or hear anything about this book, I think of my teacher describing bouncy breasts to us.

Are there any books set in the county you’re from?

Probably but I haven’t read them. There are many books set in Cork though. My favourite book, Falling for a Dancer by Deirdre Purcell, is set in Cork but I haven’t read any set in Kilkenny. Not really surprising, Kilkenny is quite small but it does have a rich and very old history particularly concerned with witches so there are probably some books out there.

Who’s your favourite Irish author?

This is a difficult one to answer. The author of my favourite book is Irish but I haven’t liked the other books I’ve read from her (so far). I have loved everything I’ve heard from Marian Keyes but I haven’t read a novel from her in nearly ten years. Keyes is probably the most likely candidate for this though so we’ll go with her.

Do you have any books written in Irish?

Yes, I have an old edition of the stories of Fionn Mac Cumhaill as gaeilge.

I can’t read it but the font used in it is so beautiful. It’s very aesthetic book that I’ve used to create some of the Ireland themed items in my Etsy store.

What’s your favourite Irish bookshop?

In Cork, my favourite shop is Vibes and Scribes but my overall favourite is The Book Centre in Waterford. They have a shop in Kilkenny as well but it’s not like the one in Waterford. I just discovered on The Book Centre’s website that they do a book subscription box with free delivery in Ireland so that’s something nice for anyone in Ireland.

The Book Centre, Waterford

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7 thoughts on “The Irish Bookworm Tag | The Irish Readathon

  1. Okay, the story about the teacher reading to the class really made me giggle. I wonder if she did that with every class every year? Anyway, I don’t have a drop of Irish blood in me, but really liked reading this whole Q&A.

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