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Flip-through of some printable junk journals I made recently. A Fortune Teller travellers notebook journal, a Jane Austen journal, a Rustic Vintage junk journal and a Marvel Comic Book journal.

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Rustic Vintage Junk Journals

Please enjoy this flip-through video of the most recent printable journals I’ve made. The Jane Austen Journal combines a rustic vintage aesthetic with classic literature and illustrations. I plan creating more journals like this inspired by classic lit and authors. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell is next on my list. My inspiration for the Rustic Vintage Journal was similar but I was thinking more about a real life romance instead of one in literature. I imagined the journal as a Victorian ladies diary where she kept photographs, letters and other keepsakes from her beau. There’s lots of journaling space in this one for you to write about your beau 😉

The other two journals feature more imagery and collages than I usually use. The Marvel Comic Book Journal was a fun project I made as a gift for himself. He’s a big Marvel fan and especially loves Captain America. For the Fortune Teller Journal, I imagined it as a notebook handed down from generations of fortune tellers. It’s full of occult ephemera and notes from Medieval to Victorian time periods that each fortune teller would have collected for her trade.

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Print at home vintage junk journal kits

Print at Home as Often as You Like!

Visit the links below to make these journals yourself. Once you download the bundle you can print the pages as many times as you like! You can make several journals or use the pages as part of signatures for larger journals. You could also use the pages to create other collages or ephemera.

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