33 Book Blog Post Ideas & Planning Calendars | May

One of the things that has helped me immensely during my blogging journey is planning out my content. Having a list of blog post ideas on hand is an amazing resource. Even if I never write all of those posts, having a cache of post ideas on hand majorly reduces any anxiety or stress I may feel about getting content out.

To make things a bit easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of 33 blog post ideas, printable calendar templates and a list of resources that may help you come up with some blog post ideas as well.

If you use any of these ideas, I would absolutely love to read your post so please link it in the comments 🧡

Click the templates for larger versions.

Blog Post Resources

A really useful website for post ideas that relate to current holidays or celebrations is Days of Note. Here you will find all daily, weekly and monthly celebrations no matter how small or wacky. For post ideas specific to your niche, Pinterest is an amazing site to search. Just type your topic into the search bar and you will get a wealth of posts people have created inspired by this topic that you can put your own spin on. You can also use Soovle to search your topic or niche and it will give you a list of searches people have been making related to that term on several search engine sites including Google and YouTube.

Weekly Planner Calendar Template

This template is great for planning daily posts for your blog or social media where you may be posting more often than your blog.


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Monthly Planner Calendar Template

This template will help you plan out your posts for the whole month and has a space to jot down any month long events or ideas as well.

Instagram Story, Facebook Story, Phone Wallpaper Calendar for Planning and Tracking

These templates are most commonly used to track daily reading totals but some people use them to track their daily steps, word count or to announce upcoming posts or events on their blog.

Instagram Post Calendar for Tracking and Planning

33 Book Blog Post Ideas for May

And here is the list of 33 Blog Post Ideas to help you create the best content for your blog. Many of these ideas would work across platforms as well so you can use them to create some social media posts or videos for YouTube. Micro-blogging on social media is a great way to generate engagement on those platforms.

Text version below

  1. Wrap-up your Spring reading
  2. What are you planning to read in Summer
  3. Top 5 Tropes
  4. Bottom 5 Tropes
  5. Write a book tag
  6. Top 5 BookTubers
  7. Top 5 Book Covers
  8. Top 5 Bookstagrammers
  9. Write a reaction post
  10. Review the lowest rated book on your TBR
  11. Haul some book merch
  12. Haul some books
  13. Write an about me post
  14. Run a giveaway for a book
  15. Top 5 diverse books
  16. Books on your shelf you haven’t read yet
  17. What’s on your wishlist
  18. Share how you write your posts
  19. Discuss benefits of rereading
  20. Host a readathon
  21. Review a random book from your shelf
  22. Review all the red books from your shelf
  23. Discuss the books you DNF’d
  24. Share a plan with me
  25. Review a celebrity memoir
  26. Write a guide to your favourite genre
  27. Non-fiction recommendations
  28. Discuss a literary theme in a novel
  29. Share a post from May last year
  30. What books would you take with you to a desert island
  31. Write a profile on your favourite main characters
  32. Why you started blogging
  33. Top 5 books for summer

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7 thoughts on “33 Book Blog Post Ideas & Planning Calendars | May

  1. Honestly I really need to spend more time on this myself. Most of my blog content is just book reviews and they can stress me out quite a lot, so I think I need to push myself to write more content that isn’t just reviews!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! I always try to word what I say really politely when it’s a bad review, and sometimes I just… liked a book? There’s nothing much else to say!

        Liked by 1 person

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