Jane Austen Labels, Washi and Journaling Cards

Jane Austen Labels, Washi and Journaling Cards

Digital journaling and scrapbooking supplies inspired by Jane Austen

I’m so excited to share my latest journaling/scrapbooking kit with you all. This Jane Austen digital journaling supplies bundle includes washi strips, scrapbooking labels, and journaling cards all with illustrations of vintage floral designs and images from Jane Austen books.

They’re perfect for embellishing pages in reading journals, junk journals or scrapbooks but you could use them in other craft projects too. I love to use them for collages in my journal but I’m thinking of creating an entire Jane Austen junk journal this summer. Visit my Etsy shop for more.

Illustrations from 19th century editions of Jane Austen novels

Journaling cards/labels with vintage floral illustrations

s19th century illustrations from Jane Austen’s novels

Oval labels with vintage paintings of flowers

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