Bookstagram Bingos, Quizzes and Games

bookstagram bingo quiz this or that list phone

Share some bookish fun in your Instagram Stories with these quiz, game and bingo templates for Bookstagram. Chat about your favourite books, a cosy reading weekend, do a reading challenge or a bookish photo challenge. Tag your friends so they can play along too.

Visit the Template Gallery for more FREE templates and pintable’s and visit my Etsy store, ElaineHowlinStudio, for digital ephemera bundles for journals, planners and craft projects.

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12 thoughts on “Bookstagram Bingos, Quizzes and Games

  1. I somehow have been unsubscribed from you? As in I just loaded up your blog cause I hadn’t gotten any email alerts in ages and thought you might’ve been inactive for a bit. What the heck? Well either way I’ve signed back up lol

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  2. These templates are so pretty! Wish i could use one again. Sad to say, i left the social media world as it gets really toxic. 😞

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