Halloween Cupcake Toppers Printable


Happy Halloween

Oíche Shamhna sona

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Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s grey and windy here in Kilkenny today. Pretty gothic feeling actually so perfect weather for some Halloweeny activities. My nephew has been visiting with us this week and I thought it would be a nice activity for us on this (almost) stormy day to make some chocolate cupcakes. We’re both big fans of Halloween and with it being so close we had to add a Halloween theme to our baking.

Now, normally I would make my own cupcake batter but I spotted this Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake mix and Chocolate Fudge Icing tub in Tesco and really wanted to try them out. They both just looked so densely chocolatey I could not resist!

The fudge icing was delicious but the cake mix was a little bit bland. My nephew thought it was really tasty and that’s what really matters but I would prefer the homemade stuff. It’s good to get these things every now and then to compare though.

I mixed everything together for us with my nephew helping by adding the eggs. I let him use the hand mixer for a bit as well. He had no trouble with any of it only making a little mess when it came time to pour the mix into the cupcake cases. The mix creates a much runnier batter than my own cupcake recipe so I found the consistency a little bit odd. They rose quite fast in the oven and cooked perfectly in 20 minutes. I was a little afraid they were going to rise too much but it was fine. After cooling we used butter knives to add a modest amount of icing to the tops. That swirly topping of icing on the tub looks very inviting but it would be way too much in reality and I didn’t want him having too much sugar.

I created the cupcake toppers before we started baking using photoshop and printed them on some card stock paper. I used a Tim Holtz Distress Ink to darken the edges and give them even more of a Halloween vibe.

Even though I wasn’t that happy with the cake mix they turned out pretty well in my opinion anyway. And it was fun to make them with my nephew. I enjoyed mine with a nice cup of tea 🎃

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Halloween Cupcake Toppers Free Printable

I made this template using graphics from freepik.com They have so many amazing vectors and photographs for you to use in your creative projects or website completely free. They have a premium service as well with higher quality images but the free service has always suited my needs.


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Halloween Cupcake Toppers Free Printable from @elainehowlin_

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