Mega List of Book Blog Post Ideas for 2022

Something that has helped me immensely during my blogging journey is planning out my content. Having a list of blog post ideas on hand is an amazing resource and saves so much time. Even if I never write all of those posts, having a cache of post ideas on hand majorly reduces any anxiety or stress I may feel about creating content.

To make things a bit easier for you, I’ve compiled this mega list of Book Blog Post Ideas and a list of resources for creating beautiful content. I’ve also included some of the sites I use to help me refine my ideas and do keyword research.

If you use any of these ideas, I would absolutely love to read your post so please link it in the comments 🧑


Blogging Resources

A really useful website for post ideas that relate to current holidays or celebrations is Days of Note. Here you will find all daily, weekly and monthly celebrations no matter how small or wacky. For post ideas specific to your niche, Pinterest is an amazing site to search. Just type your topic into the search bar and you will get a wealth of posts people have created inspired by this topic that you can put your own spin on. You can also use Soovle to search your topic or niche and it will give you a list of searches people have been making related to that term on several search engine sites including Google and YouTube. Bloglovin’ is another amazing site to browse for blog posts. You can create a feed on Bloglovin’ of blogs or topics you love and explore what people are saying about whatever it is you are researching.

Free Images and Videos for your Blog

There are several fantastic sites for free stock photography that you can use on your blog. WordPress has Pexels built-in so you can easily use their images but I find their library a bit lacking. My favourite place to get images is Unsplash followed closely by Rawpixel. Pixabay is another great resource and Freepik is a great place for graphics. Rawpixel has amazing graphics as well many with the white background removed to make it easier to use them. Canva also has a library of images, graphics, video and music that you can use for free to create all kinds of things for your blog. I’m not a big fan of the photos they have on Canva but the graphics library is really good.

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Mega List of Book Blog Post Ideas for 2022

And here is the list of Blog Post Ideas to help you create the best content for your blog. Many of these ideas would work across platforms so you could use them to create some social media posts or videos for YouTube.

  • Authors You’d Invite to Dinner
  • A Literary Dinner Menu
  • Create a Reading Journal
  • Your Bookish Wishlist
  • Reading Wrap Ups
  • Books You Want to Read
  • Reading Goals for 2022
  • Books Hauls
  • Bookish Merch Hauls
  • Stationery Hauls
  • Recipes Inspired by Books
  • Make Up Looks Inspired by Book Covers
  • Cocktails Inspired by Book covers
  • Things You Learnind in Lockdown
  • Read and review the lowest rated book on your TBR
  • Write about the books on your shelf you haven’t read yet
  • Discuss the benefits of rereading
  • Host a readathon or reading challenge
  • Do a Book Tag
  • Write about why you started your blog
  • Discuss your favourite books as a child
  • Compare a retelling with its inspiration
  • Host a book themed party
  • Share your favourite audiobook narrators
  • Do a tour of your bookshelves
  • Chat about your favourite bookish websites
  • Share your favourite reading spot
  • Do a virtual tour of places mentioned in books
  • Host a Guest Blogger
  • Do a Q&A with your Readers
  • Discuss books you read because of the hype
  • Write a bookish gift guide
  • Your favourite Coffee Table books
  • Host a Cosy Reading Night
  • Discuss books set in places you’d love to visit
  • React to 1-star reviews of a book you rated 5-stars
  • DIY Bookmarks
  • DIY Book Protector/Cover
  • Create cupcakes inspired by book covers
  • Top 5 authors from your country
  • Write a Meet-the-Blogger post
  • Write about your favourite book blogs
  • Write about your favourite BookTube channels
  • Write about your favourite Bookstagram accounts
  • Take part in a Readathon/ Reading Challenge
  • Write about book adaptations releasing this year
  • Write an reading guide to your favourite genre
  • Share your favourite bookish fanart
  • Write about your bookish pet peeves
  • Write about your favourite tropes in books
  • Share how you plan and write your posts
  • Discuss the books you DNF’d (did not finish)
  • What books would you take with you to a desert island
  • Compare a book with its adaptation
  • Interview an author
  • Interview another blogger
  • Write about your favourite book shop
  • Share the books you didn’t read from your past TBR’s
  • Share a behind-the-scenes look at your blog/vlog
  • Write about books set in your home town/city/country
  • Write book reviews
  • Talk about your bookish or blogging fails
  • Share your 5 favourite fictional worlds
  • Discuss a book you read because of another book
  • Compare Print, Audio and eBooks
  • Compare Your Posts from this Time Last Year to Now
  • Make some book page flowers
  • Create outfits inspired by book covers
  • Review Bookish Gadgets
  • Discuss shows coming to/ on Netflix based on books

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41 thoughts on “Mega List of Book Blog Post Ideas for 2022

  1. Thanks for sharing these fantastic ideas! I’ve found now that I’m working full time, I unfortunately don’t post anything but book reviews. I’ve been wanting to liven up my content for ages, but I’ve never been sure how to. Definitely going to be using this list very soon! Also, thanks for the links to the stock images sites. I use Canva, but it’s always good to have some backup sites if I can’t quite find what I’m looking for.

    Great post 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Elaine. Those are some great ideas! They are super useful. I will be bookmarking this so that I can have some reference once I run out of things to write. HAHA.

    Happy reading! Again, thanks for these ideas πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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