ASMR Coffee Staining Paper | Water and Paper Noises | No Talking ASMR

Hello friends, today we are staining some sheets of paper with coffee. This is a no-talking ASMR video with lots of paper noises and water noises so please sit back, relax and enjoy the video 🧡

I used instant coffee mixed with boiling water. I didn’t track quantities just added lots of coffee until it was a nice dark colour. I added the paper after the water cooled down a bit and left it in for about 10 minutes. I left the paper to dry overnight on a clothes horse with a towel under it to catch all those coffee drips. The sheets of paper overlapped on the clothes horse but none of them stuck together.

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3 thoughts on “ASMR Coffee Staining Paper | Water and Paper Noises | No Talking ASMR

  1. Fantastic post! Your ASMR vid reminds me of that one by Moonlight Cottage. The French ASMR-tist did a paper staining video, but she was explaining her process.

    And yeah, just subscribed to your channel for more ASMR!

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