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You may have noticed that this blog has been moving more towards junk journaling and scrapbooking lately. I don’t want to completely drop talking about books but I won’t be discussing them as often and will no longer be posting reviews of individual books. I will be continuing with Recent Reads and chatting about books in my Favourites but that’s pretty much it.

However, I have launched a brand new shiny book blog Always Reading Romance where I will be discussing books in all their glory. I will be focusing on romance books cause that’s what I love the most so if that’s not your jam, go ahead and ignore this post. I’ll also be posting some makeup and style blogs over there. I think of it as my Girly Safe Space where I can gush over all the feminine things (not that romance is strictly feminine but it is mostly written and read by women) to my heart’s content. Free of judgement (pfft who am I trying to kid this is the internet).

If romance books, makeup and trying to find products that actually work well on curly hair in a Girly Safe Space appeals to you then please visit my new blog Always Reading Romance.

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