February Bookstagram Story and Post Templates


Share your TBR or Wrap-Up books, movies, podcasts, music, new recipes, or anything else you want with your Instagram, Facebook and TikTok friends using these beautiful vintage Story Templates. Write a list or add the covers using a photo editing app. The full set of 10 templates also includes reading stats, your recommendations for your friends and a Book of the Month.

Visit the Template Gallery for FREE templates and pintable’s and visit my Etsy shop, ElaineHowlinStudio, and Ko-fi for digital ephemera kits for journals, planners and craft projects. Visit my Patreon for Bookstagram templates.

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Instagram Story and Post Templates for Bookstagram

This is just a taste of the templates available. The full set of 10 templates is available on my Patreon. Visit my Patreon here to get the rest of the templates. There are a few freebies available there as well so be sure to have a look around.

Patreon subscribers receive a full set of 10 square post templates each month along with a full set of 10 story templates so join up today to make sure you don’t miss out.


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