Let’s Play Cosy Games! Separately. At home.

So, here it is. That new project I’ve mentioned a few times in recent posts. I started a YouTube gaming channel to add to the obscene amount of them already on there! I named the channel Introverted Commas because I wanted to distance it from everything else I create. It is specifically for gaming and won’t ever feature books, journaling or vlogs. I went with that name because I wanted to show how introverted I am and don’t plan on showing my face. Plus, I enjoy wordplay so inverted commas became introverted commas.

Introverted Commas is a space for wholesome cosy games like Coral Island, Planet Zoo, Prehistoric Kingdom, and Stardew Valley. So far I have gameplay series of Coral Island and Planet Zoo but plan on adding Prehistoric Kingdom soon. I would like to do Stardew Valley as well but there’s a ridiculous amount of content for that game already. I might add Sun Haven instead.

If any of these games interest you then please check out my new YouTube channel, Introverted Commas. Maybe even subscribe 😉

Coral Island Gameplay & Tips

I love this beautiful game so much!!!! It is definitely one of the most beautiful and aesthetic games I have come across. It’s very similar to Stardew Valley in gameplay but in looks, it has a bit more of a Disney feel. It’s like a combination of Moana and Stardew Valley. My current gameplay series focuses on the latest Spring update and all of the fabulous new features. I am really enjoying playing this game from the beginning again with everything that has been added.

I also have a series of Shorts sharing some helpful tips for playing Coral Island.

Planet Zoo Gameplay

I am totally obsessed with this game! I have over 700 hours on Steam. You’d think I’d be a master builder at this stage but sadly no. I am too impatient but I’m getting better. I absolutely love managing my zoo so building always takes a back seat. I want to work on that though and create more aesthetic habitats. My current Planet Zoo series focuses on the career mode scenario that came with the Grasslands Pack. I’ve been playing in hard mode working towards achieving the objectives but also making the zoo as beautiful as I can with happy guests and animals.


7 thoughts on “Let’s Play Cosy Games! Separately. At home.

  1. I am so glad you’re doing this! I’ve thought about doing it as well because I play a lot of video games with my kids and I think it’s fun to share these other elements of ourselves 💜

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      1. I love it!! I love the different biomes and animals that they add to each DLC. I agree with the building. I finally figured out how to build shelters that blend in with habitat and underwater observation areas (it took me a year).

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