Four Favourite Things from April


Happy end of April!!! I’m under the weather at the moment so this month’s favourites doesn’t have as much going on as usual but I still wanted to share some stuff I loved from the month. Hope you all had a wonderful April and that May will be even better.

Favourite Book | Concrete Evidence by Rachel Grant

My first foray into romantic suspense was very enjoyable. I just finished watching The Night Agent on Netflix and wanted some more action and political intrigue with a more satisfying romance so I turned to this genre. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has action, mystery, politics and a well-developed swoony romance.

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Favourite Food | Dinner in Elm Tree

My nephew celebrated his confirmation in April so we had a family dinner in Elm Tree, Cork. It was a lovely place with great food that seemed to be quite popular. They provided a set menu for the event from which I had chicken pate for a starter, hake with mash and veg for a main and apple crumble for dessert. It was all so delicious, especially the pate. The apple crumble was a bit disappointing because the topping was just a sprinkling of toasted oats instead of a biscuit crumble.

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Favourite Game | Dream Organiser

This is a free mobile game with no freaking ads!!! The concept is super basic, you’re just placing items into slots but it is so soothing.


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Favourite TV Show | The Night Agent on Netflix

Political or military shows aren’t usually my thing but I really enjoyed this one.

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      1. I don’t know the difference in streaming and shows available, but if you have Amazon Prime maybe try Reacher or Jack Ryan. They’re similar.

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