Hyped for Halloween Book Tag

I found this tag on The Scarlet Reader's blog. Be sure to check out her wonderful book blog. Happy Halloween!! If you celebrate it that is. If not then I hope you have a happy Sunday. I'm spending the day watching horror movies with my husband and maybe eating some treats. I came across a … Continue reading Hyped for Halloween Book Tag

Awesome Halloween Printables on Etsy

I think Halloween/Autumn is one of the best seasons for creative projects. The sense of renewal, changing colours, and fun of Halloween create such a stimulating atmosphere. Having the evenings get darker earlier and spending more time inside definitely helps me focus on creative projects as well. I've been working on the Autumn section of … Continue reading Awesome Halloween Printables on Etsy

Ah, Are You Digging On My Grave by Thomas Hardy Reading

https://youtu.be/7X0XGj48Xqo "Ah, are you digging on my grave,            My loved one? — planting rue?"— "No: yesterday he went to wedOne of the brightest wealth has bred.'It cannot hurt her now,' he said,            'That I should not be true.'" "Then who is digging on my grave,  … Continue reading Ah, Are You Digging On My Grave by Thomas Hardy Reading

Halloween Spooktacular & Reading Soirée Announcement

Halloween Reading Soirée - 24 hour readathon for Halloween https://youtu.be/JUZquuZZBOA Halloween is by far the best holiday (in my opinion anyway), it's dedicated to fun, thrills, and treats. What more could you want? This year I've decided to have a Halloween Spooktacular for the month ending with a Reading Soirée on the 31st. The Spooktacular … Continue reading Halloween Spooktacular & Reading Soirée Announcement