Scenes from December | Silent Vlog

Hello friends, please enjoy some relaxing scenes from my December. It was a nice month except for when my brother and his girlfriend tested positive for Covid and we all had to go into isolation. Thankfully, no one else contracted the virus. Recipes Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe Mulled Wine Recipe Thank you so … Continue reading Scenes from December | Silent Vlog

A Day of Cooking | Silent Vlog

Hello friends! In today's video I'm making some brownie buns (cause I don't have a baking tin) and some seafood pasta with blue cheese sauce. Hope you enjoy the video and find it relaxing 🙂 Brownies Recipe 175g Plain Flour225g Butter125g Chocolate325g Caster Sugar2tsp Vanilla Essence4 Eggs beaten1/2tsp Baking PowderPinch of saltPreheat oven to … Continue reading A Day of Cooking | Silent Vlog

A Day in the Life Journaling & Crafting | SILENT VLOG

Hi friends, today I'm doing lots of creating. Nothing calms my mind like a good crafting session. Today I'm trying out air dry clay, coffee and wine staining paper, trying out a painting technique with nail polish, making some stamps for journaling and putting a journal together. I hope you enjoy the video! Thanks … Continue reading A Day in the Life Journaling & Crafting | SILENT VLOG