What are You Reading this Weekend?

This weekend I’m listening to Two Stories by Sally Rooney. It’s a very small collection of two short stories from Rooney, Mr Salary and Colour and Light. I plan on listening to this hour long audiobook while doing some collaging in my 2021 Reading Journal.

What are you reading this weekend?

Two Stories by Sally Rooney

Two stories about the uncertainties of attraction, from the acclaimed author of Normal People and Conversations with Friends.

‘Mr Salary’ is Nathan. Sukie moved in with him years ago because her mother was dead and her father was difficult, and she had nowhere else to go. Now they are on the brink of the inevitable.

My love for him felt so total and so annihilating that it was often impossible for me to see him clearly at all.

In ‘Colour and Light’, Aidan and Pauline watch a firework display together. They are almost strangers. But their stumbling connection pains Aidan more than any casual flirtation.

He now feels utterly confused as to why they seem to be arguing, confused to the point of abrupt despair.

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27 thoughts on “What are You Reading this Weekend?

      1. They were both amazing reads!
        Normal people was as good as the BBC series, not sure if you’ve watched it!
        Loved Conversations with Friends- definitely a realistic yet mysterious novel

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  1. I read almost nothing this weekend cause for some reason I left myself 3 historical fictions at the same time and my tiny brain is just refusing to co-operate hahaha. They’re all great it’s just not a genre I tend to read a lot of so 3 books at once is a lot!

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  2. This weekend I’m listening to a course by The Great Courses (via Audible) about the Borgia History. It’s really fun history to listen to because they were pretty wild.

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      1. I love history and learning without having to take tests and writing papers so the courses are perfect for that. But they are pricey on their own. I get mine via Audible where they are cheaper or free if produced by Audible/Amazon.

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